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Tamil Auguest 15th Sms

Unaku ngabagam iruka juli,Smilya & Candy,andha naal? aug15th,namma 4 perum thesiya kodi vanga ponom. Kadaikaran kodi thandha pothu,juli nee kaetta kelvi… ‘vera COLOR irukka?’ sirikkatha, vekkama illa…

Lovers day Sms

A boy’s eye is faster dan Google in searching beautiful girl in a crowdbutA boy’s heart is slower dan Govt bus, while proposing a girl whom he truely LOVES.

College Exam Jokes

In exam hall, boy asked girl,‘Tell me d starting of Dis answer. I’ll den manage on my own’.After long hesitation silently she said,‘THE’. Boy: Ellam en neram de.

Nice Sms

If you say nobody likes you, nobody feels for you, nobody takes care of you, nobody is there for you.Then I will change My Name as NOBODY for You. ..

Lovers Sms

Advantages of not having a LOVER 1.can sleep well2.can save time and worry about how u miss calls in mid need 2 activate 10ps need 2 recharge twice a day7.can talk 2 all boys & girls8.d most important, Can forward this to all. PROUD 2 be SINGLE. Good Night Friends

Student sms

Most funniest situation in student life.V have no idea wat 2 rite in xam paper n supervisor cums up n says“PLz COVER UR ANS SHEET & WRITE..”

Kadi Sms

Nee Sirikkum OvvoruVinaadiyum Unnai VittuUn Maranam VilagiSelgiradhu.Aanaal, MattravargallukkuMaranam Nerungugiradhu.So Nallaa BrushPannittu Siringa………!!!!!!!
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