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SMOKE Daily!

SMOKE Daily! ‘ok va ‘ Hello wait…. SMOKE means S – Send M – Me O – One K – Kutty SMS E – Everyday So please SMOKE…..!

Friendship Facts

Cute love is when ur frnd gets angry with you n says, I wil never talk 2 u.And later ur frnd cums back to u juz 2 inform-”i’m still angry”Gud eve frnz:-)

Best Friendship Facts

We make friendsSome become dearest:-) Some become Special:-) We have crushes on some:-( Fall in love with someone:-) Some go abroad:-( Some change their cities:-( Some leave us:-( We leave some:-( Some are in contact:-) Some are not Contact:-( Some don’t Contact:-| Bcos of their EGO:-( We dont contact some because of OUR EGO:-( Whatever
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